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TROY 90010 Adjustable Drywall Lift, 60kg

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  • ● The drywall lift is easy to setup, simple to operate, and is built from commercial grade steel.     
    ● It is rugged enough to be used on a professional job site and easy enough for a DIY job in your own home.     
    ● Backstop with rubberized feet prevents any movement of the drywall lift while drywall is loaded and in     
       position for hanging on a wall.     
    ● Once your lift is in place, simply flip the backstop down and your lift and sheet of drywall are secure.     
    ● Support hooks secures the drywall on the lift and prevents it from sliding off during placement.     
    ● Adds support to prevent the edges of drywall sheets from getting crushed and broken.     
    ● Sheets that weigh up to 60kg and would require a few people to install without a drywall lift.    
    ● Drywall Rolling Lifter Panel Hoist Jack     
    ● One person setup and operation    
    ● Prevent strain and injury by letting the lift do all the hard work!    
    ● Get sheets in place and mounted in a fraction of the time    
    ● All welded steel construction    
    ● Fast, single stage winch with brake    
    ● Tool free assembly and teardown    
    ● Max. lifting capacity: 60kg    
    ● Lifting range: 1,55-3m    
    ● Weight: 25kg
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